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 You DESERVE to be well.

I have been an Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for 4 years.  I have witnessed the power of our innate intelligence at work.  I have used real food and targeted nutrients to support the body so that it can heal itself.  I have helped countless people feel better in their bodies, better able to adapt to the stresses of our very busy world and get back to the business of living.

But some people weren’t getting better.  Myself included.

I had come a long way, no doubt.  I had spent years, years slowly succumbing to chronic, long-term stress, terrible diet and complete detachment from my emotional being.  Unhealthy, closed-off, angry and so very lost.  Even after my kids were born, my physical and mental health continued to decline.  Nutritional Therapy made a HUGE difference in my life.  I was sleeping again.  No more anxiety attacks and I started to lose a lifetime of weight.  But I was still so very disconnected from myself and still not healthy, still battling.  I was meditating like crazy.   I was reading everything I could get my hands on.  I knew there was something out there.  And in a sequence of events that I could never have predicted, I was introduced to Theta Healing and everything changed. And now I want to share it with you.

Body and Mind Programs

If you have struggled with health challenges or chronic issues like stubborn weight and feel like you just don’t know what else to do, this program was designed for you. Combing nutritional therapy and mindset strategies, you will begin to rebuild strength in the body and regain balance in your life allowing you to reach your goals.

All appointments are online via Zoom.
3 month plan (4 visits) - $449
6 month plan (7 visits) - $670 virtual

Theta Healing

Our worldview is made up of beliefs: opinions or convictions that we see as truth. These beliefs influence the kinds of thoughts we have on both the conscious and unconscious level. “I’ll never be good enough” or “I have to put others first”. They impact us on our day to day lives and can manifest as physical or emotional conditions, blocks, fears, phobias or addictions.

Theta Healing is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to discover and transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and trauma in the unconscious mind empowering you to re-create your life exactly as you choose.

Appointments are 30-45 minutes
In my space - $55
In your space - $75


I can't believe how much better I feel so quickly. I'm calmer and more at ease in my body. Losing weight has just been a great side affect of all the other changes. Thank you!" ~ Laura


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